Waterval Eco Farmstay is literally, and aptly, named after the waterfall that gushes in the mountain behind the farm. We run the farm principally on an ethos of conservation and recycling, with lots of dogs and chickens.

Your host, Desmond Sauer, is a firm believer in the tenants of reduce, reuse and recycle. The idea has not only served as a way of life for Desmond but has also been an outlet for his creativity. Throughout the farmhouse are examples of his ingenuity in repurposing and combining the junk of others to create a style that is distinctly Waterval Eco Farmstay.

Join Desmond on a morning walk with the dogs for a lesson in the Klein Karoo. Everything from culture through to fauna and flora, he’s a wealth of information delivering nuggets of insight with passion and fervour.

People of the Klein Karoo say there is something captivating out here, Waterval Eco Farmstay is at the centre of that, making it more than just your regular B&B.

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